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 Tax season is upon us! My favorite accountants are some of my best referral sources for new clients.  Don’t overlook these number crunchers during their most stressful time of year.  That is right… now is the time to LOVE ON YOUR ACCOUNTANT. 

From now until April 15th, Accountants meet with a majority of their clients… a great time to keep top-of-mind.  Last year I began loving on these treasured referral partners with “Tax Relief Baskets”. Basically, I get a big basket and fill it with snack foods and fruit from Costco.  I stop by every week or so until April 15th and replenish their snacks.  I’ve also treated an accountant to pedicure “business meetings”.   Or maybe send a chair massage person to your favorite accountants office?  Get creative.  If you don’t have relationship with accountants, ask your clients for an introduction to their favorites. 

tax relief basket

 And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.

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February Pop-by Gifts Ideas!!!


At the very bottom of this page is a big list of my favorite pop-by gift ideas for February!!!  I am doing my mailbox Valentine’s again this year.   You can find the little $1 mailboxes at the dollar spot in Target again!!! So I filled up my cart this week.  Run… do not walk… to Target and stock-up.  This pop-by is a winner.  If you can’t find them at Target… I have seen larger mailboxes at JoAnns … or just throw the candies in a bag or Mason jar.  Please don’t major in the minors.  I went to Winco and bought tons of bulk Valentine’s candy.  The total cost was $2 each.

I used a sharpie to personalize the mailbox with the client’s name.  You can do this as you walk up to the door.  Never underestimate the impact of personalizing a pop-by… people love to see their name!

The tagline: Know someone looking to change their “address”? Don’t “letter” them move without calling me first.  For a “first-class” experience call… Peggy Urieff Realtor 916-622-3787

Here’s some pictures of the candy!!! It has been very hard to keep these from our girls!!!

Other quick options would be big red chocolate lips ($2 each) with a Tagline: “Thank you for ‘talking’ up my business!”

Or a cute little honey bear ($3 each) with the Tagline: “Wishing you a ‘beary’ sweet Valentine’s Day… from your honey of a realtor.” 

Well, I have the car loaded and I am off to do my pop-bys. 

And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.

February Pop-by Ideas

Super Bowl

  • Super Bowl Survival Kit - “I’m bowled over by your referrals!” or “Just ‘popping’ by to tell you I’m ‘nuts’ over your referrals. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!” – Put together some trail mix, popcorn, chips, beverage, bottle opener, candy, etc. in a popcorn bowl or football themed bag sold at the Dollar store.
  • Jiffy Pop Popcorn – “Have a super ‘bowl’ Sunday!”
  • Pretzels – “Don’t get twisted up in the current market… I’ve got the skills to get you on the straight and narrow. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!”


  • Gallon of Windshield Wiper Liquid – Call me to provide some clarity and vision in this Real Estate market!”
  • Unisex Stretch Gloves -I’ve got a ‘hand’le on all your real estate needs.”
  • Coffee w/ Mugs - “The best part of waking up… is a referral in my cup.”

Valentine’s Day

  • Bird House - “Have you outgrown your love nest… maybe it’s time to fly the coup and find the home of your dreams.”
  • Honey Bear- “Wishing you a beary sweet Valentine’s Day… from your honey of a realtor.”
  • Valentine Candy - “You and your referrals are the heart of my business!” or “You and your referrals are the sweetest part of my business!”
  • Conversation Hearts - “Let’s have a good ol’ fashion Heart to Heart… and discuss your future real estate needs and goals.”
  • Pancake Mix with Syrup and/or Heart Shaped Pancake Ring - “Any way you stack it…your referrals are the sweetest part of my business!”
  • Red wax lips or a bag of Hersey Kisses- “A huge kiss for your past business and referrals!” – You can order wax lips from

Oscar Awards

  • Popcorn or Movie Size Candy Boxes- “I always roll-out the red carpet for you and your referrals.”

And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.

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