February Pop-by Gifts Ideas!!!


At the very bottom of this page is a big list of my favorite pop-by gift ideas for February!!!  I am doing my mailbox Valentine’s again this year.   You can find the little $1 mailboxes at the dollar spot in Target again!!! So I filled up my cart this week.  Run… do not walk… to Target and stock-up.  This pop-by is a winner.  If you can’t find them at Target… I have seen larger mailboxes at JoAnns … or just throw the candies in a bag or Mason jar.  Please don’t major in the minors.  I went to Winco and bought tons of bulk Valentine’s candy.  The total cost was $2 each.

I used a sharpie to personalize the mailbox with the client’s name.  You can do this as you walk up to the door.  Never underestimate the impact of personalizing a pop-by… people love to see their name!

The tagline: Know someone looking to change their “address”? Don’t “letter” them move without calling me first.  For a “first-class” experience call… Peggy Urieff Realtor 916-622-3787

Here’s some pictures of the candy!!! It has been very hard to keep these from our girls!!!

Other quick options would be big red chocolate lips ($2 each) with a Tagline: “Thank you for ‘talking’ up my business!”

Or a cute little honey bear ($3 each) with the Tagline: “Wishing you a ‘beary’ sweet Valentine’s Day… from your honey of a realtor.” 

Well, I have the car loaded and I am off to do my pop-bys. 

And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals. www.peggyurieff.com

February Pop-by Ideas

Super Bowl

  • Super Bowl Survival Kit - “I’m bowled over by your referrals!” or “Just ‘popping’ by to tell you I’m ‘nuts’ over your referrals. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!” – Put together some trail mix, popcorn, chips, beverage, bottle opener, candy, etc. in a popcorn bowl or football themed bag sold at the Dollar store.
  • Jiffy Pop Popcorn – “Have a super ‘bowl’ Sunday!”
  • Pretzels – “Don’t get twisted up in the current market… I’ve got the skills to get you on the straight and narrow. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!”


  • Gallon of Windshield Wiper Liquid – Call me to provide some clarity and vision in this Real Estate market!”
  • Unisex Stretch Gloves -I’ve got a ‘hand’le on all your real estate needs.”
  • Coffee w/ Mugs - “The best part of waking up… is a referral in my cup.”

Valentine’s Day

  • Bird House - “Have you outgrown your love nest… maybe it’s time to fly the coup and find the home of your dreams.”
  • Honey Bear- “Wishing you a beary sweet Valentine’s Day… from your honey of a realtor.”
  • Valentine Candy - “You and your referrals are the heart of my business!” or “You and your referrals are the sweetest part of my business!”
  • Conversation Hearts - “Let’s have a good ol’ fashion Heart to Heart… and discuss your future real estate needs and goals.”
  • Pancake Mix with Syrup and/or Heart Shaped Pancake Ring - “Any way you stack it…your referrals are the sweetest part of my business!”
  • Red wax lips or a bag of Hersey Kisses- “A huge kiss for your past business and referrals!” – You can order wax lips from www.oldtimecandy.com.

Oscar Awards

  • Popcorn or Movie Size Candy Boxes- “I always roll-out the red carpet for you and your referrals.”

And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals. www.peggyurieff.com

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  1. Marcia Poole 02/01/2011, 8:02 pm:

    Thanks so much for the Pop-By ideas. I always look forward to receiving them. If I ever come across a referral for Sacramento, I will send them to you for sure!

  2. kim wydra 02/28/2011, 3:06 pm:

    Love your ideas! Any great ideas for St Patrick’s Day?

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