November Pop-by Ideas


Below is a large list of pop-by ideas for November.  Instead of driving around to all my clients this month… they are coming to pop-by me! My coach Grace encouraged me to do my First Pie Party.  I just sent 115 invites in the mail for clients to come by my house and pick-up a pie for Thanksgiving.  I’ll have a little finger food and cider.  Below is the invite in case you want to throw one yourself.  A great way to get face-to-face with lots of clients before they gather with friends and family for the holidays. If you want to order invites, just call my printer Mollie Maillard at Ocean Shore Printing 916.624.8234. 

Thanksgiving Pie Card Popby Website

Here are some of my favorite pop-by gift ideas for November!!!  And remember, I am never to busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.

  • Turkey Baster“The only turkey you should be dealing with is the one at Thanksgiving!”
  • Carpet Cleaner- “In case some turkey spills something over the holidays… I’ve got your assets protected. Help your friends and family avoid messy real estate deals by referring them to me!” (may include a coupon for your favorite carpet cleaner.)
  • Toothpicks - “You can never be too ‘picky’ when choosing a real estate agent!” 
  • Oven Mitt - “Don’t let your friends get burned by a turkey of a realtor!”
  • Food Drive – A reverse pop by! Arrange a day to go to each of your clients’ homes to pick up food or canned goods for a local shelter.
  • Can of Cranberry Sauce“’Cran’ you send me your referrals? I’m ‘berry’ thankful for them!”
  • Mulled Cider Mix - “When you ‘de-cider’ on a real estate agent, be sure to choose the best!”
  • Duraflame Log“Start with me to find all the blazing hot real estate deals!”
  • Ziplock Bags or Ziplock Plastic Storage - “Seal your leftovers to keep them fresh and leave it to me to ‘seal’ the deal!”
  • List of Holiday Store Hours - “Listing all your sales and leading you to the best buys!” 
  • Meat Thermometer & Cooking Temperature - “Making all your real estate transactions a done deal!”
  • No Mess Oven Bags – “Help your friends and family avoid messy real estate deals by referring them to Peggy!”
  • Leaf Bags- “Don’t LEAF your friends and family scattered when it comes to real estate! Refer them to me and a smooth deal is in the bag!
  • Ceramic Gravy Boat“It’s all gravy when you refer me for real estate!”
  • Pie Server and/or Pie Certificate - “Anyway you slice it, I am grateful for your referrals!” 
  • Candle & Lighter – “Your referrals really ‘light’ my business on fire.”
  • Sparkling Cider - “Hoping your holidays sparkle. Call me for a refreshing perspective
    of the real estate market!”
  • Cookbook“Peggy is always ready to ‘cook up’ a good deal for you!”
  • Chocolate Filled Advent Calendar - Give one to your client and/or for each of their children and attach your business card.
  • General Thanksgiving Item - “I always give thanks for your referrals!”
  • Joy Dishwashing Soap- “Thanksgiving joy to someone who really sparkles. ”  or “Thanksgiving wishes… here’s a little something for all those dishes.”
  • Cheese Grater- “Always ‘grate’ful for your referrals… from your cheesy realtor.”
  • Turkey Seasoning Mix- “The only turkey you should be dealing with is at Thanksgiving.”

And remember, I am never to busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.

From my Family to Yours… Wishing You A Wonderful Thanksgivings. 


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  1. Suzanne 11/09/2010, 3:38 pm:

    Hi – I am new to the Buffini Company experience and the One 2 One coaching. I was trying to figure out how to dream up pop by gift ideas, when my coach told me about your website. Thanks so much for putting this together… I love it !

    Oh.. and I’m never to busy for your Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts referrals!! :)

  2. Michael Zuker 11/12/2010, 11:37 pm:

    Hi Peggy,
    What a great site! My coach Krista Agureo recommended I pop by and have a look. Do you have printable labels on the site. Your ideas are so helpful.
    Thanks for posting this stuff and I hope you are getting referrals from club net members to Sacramento from across the country!
    Mike Zuker
    Coldwell Banker Chicago
    I am never too busy for you City of CHICAGO referrals :)

  3. Teresa 11/16/2010, 11:05 am:

    Anyone ever consider giving a box of ziploc bags as a pop by gift? I like the idea but dont know what kind of tag line you could use with them. I would love to hear some creative ideas!

  4. Teresa 11/16/2010, 11:07 am:

    Great ideas posted on your November pop-bys.

  5. Linda Buffo 11/16/2010, 1:18 pm:

    What a great site! Thank you for being a ” partner” in business. You are my new best friend!
    Linda Buffo Coldwell Banker Petaluma

  6. Sandy Golden 11/20/2010, 9:55 am:

    It was great meeting you at the Brian Buffini seminar. I want to say thank you for the booklet you made up with all the pop-by ideas! It’s fantastic and gives me so many ideas. Thank you for putting this together.

  7. Helen Smith 10/26/2011, 1:51 pm:

    Hi Peggy – As a Buffini Mentor, I’m always asked by my ‘students’ for some ideas. I have visited your site many times and have always been impressed. Thank you for sharing and I have given out your website to all my ‘students’!

  8. Peggy Lipsey 11/14/2011, 3:27 pm:

    Hi Peggy, Thank you so much for being so generous. I really appreciate it. I hope to meet you at a Turning Point someday.

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