January Pop-by Gift Ideas!!!


Here are some of my favorite pop-by gift ideas for January!!!  And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.

  • Pedometer - “Don’t get walked on by another real estate deal!” or “Helping you “step” your way to a healthy & happy year!”
  • Carpet Spot Remover- “Did Santa leave behind dirty shoe prints?  I’m always here to help you “spot” the best real estate deals.” (include coupon for your favorite carpet cleaner)
  • Snowman Making Kit - “There’s ‘snow’ business like your referred business!”
  • Ice Scraper“When it comes to a good real estate deal you don’t want to use just whatever you scrape up!”
  • Bird Feeder“Don’t let your next real estate deal ruffle your feathers!”
  • Calendar - “Month to month, year to year, I will help you find the best real estate deals!”
  • Water Bottle - “I ‘drink up’ your referred business!”
  • Tax Organizer - “I won’t let your next real estate transaction become taxing on you!”
  • Kleenex Pocket Tissue- “Nobody ‘Noes” the real estate market like I do.”
  • Rain-X - “Rain or shine, I’m there for all your real estate needs!”
  • Lock De-icer – “Don’t get locked out of the real estate market. Let me help you find your new home!”
  • Duraflame Log- “Start with me to find all the “blazing” real estate deals that are on the market today!”
  • Chapstick- “Don’t let your friends and family get “chapped” on their next real estate transaction. Make sure they get the “protection” they deserve and don’t let my name be too far from your lips!”
  •  Tool Set - “I have all the tools you need for today’s real estate market!”
  • Plastic Sled - “I am there ‘to-boggan’ the best deal for you!”
  • 2014 Business Mileage Log - “I will go miles for you and your referred business!”
  • Hand Sanitizer – “For a “healthy” real estate transaction, call Peggy!”
  • Gloves – “I’ve got a “hand”le on all your real estate needs!”
  • Jim Rohn Motivation Quote Book- “You & Your Referrals Inspire and Motivate Me!”  You can purchase The Treasury of Quotes from Jim Rohn’s website for around $1.00 each.

 And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.

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December Pop-by Gift Ideas!!!


Here are some of my favorite pop-by gift ideas for December!!!  And remember, I am never to busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.

  • Snowman Item“Man! There’s ‘Snow’ business without your referrals!”
  • Cookie Platter- “I ‘Tray’sure your business and referrals! Don’t let your friends deal with a ‘Crummy’ Realtor!”
  • Jam- “Wishing you a ‘Jam-packed’ holiday from your ‘Berry’ grateful Realtor!”
  • Coffee Syrup (like Egg Nog or Peppermint)- “Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas!”
  • Chocolate Mousse Mix- “Merry ‘Christmousse’ to our ‘Deer’ Clients!
  • Wrapping Paper, Tape, Bows, Gift Tags - “Don’t get wrapped up with holiday stress. Stick with me for all of your real estate needs!”
  • Wire Whisk w/ Decorative Bag of Hershey’s Kisses - “We ‘whisk’ you a Merry ‘Kiss’mas and a Happy New Year!”
  • Holiday Candle - “Don’t keep your friends and family in the dark about me! I’ll provide the ‘light’ they need to make the right home decisions!”
  • Christmas Tree - “Your referrals are my special-‘tree’!”
  • Decorative Window Clings“Clinging to the hope of buying a new house? Right now is your window of opportunity! Call Peggy today!”
  • Clear Glass Ornament“Clearly, I will work as hard for your referrals, as I do for you!” or “Call Peggy today to make crystal clear sense of your real estate situation!”
  • Holiday Towel - “Don’t throw in the towel! The real estate market hasn’t dried up yet! Call Peggy today to find out what this market has to offer you!
  • Cookies, Bread, or Other Treat“Peggy will give all your real estate needs the special ‘treat’ment they deserve!”
  • Star Decoration“Peggy gives ‘stellar’ service to all her real estate clients and referrals!”
  • Batteries“Wishing you an energized holiday season!”
  • Santa Claus Item“Peggy can help guide you through all the real estate ‘Claus’es.”
  • Snowflake Item - “Peggy will make sure you and your referrals avoid another flakey real estate deal!”
  • Ornament - “My business hangs on your referrals!”
  • Frankincense - “Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with ‘wise’ real estate transactions.” Frankincense is available on the internet.
  • Stocking w/ Candy Canes - “Wishing you a holiday season of merry-mint!”
  • Poinsettia“May your holidays bloom with joy!”
  • Holiday Music CD - “I am always a-tuned to the best deals in the market!”
  • Neighborhood Christmas Light Display List“Making your season bright!”
  • Toy / Coat Drive - A reverse pop by! Arrange a day to go to each of your clients’ homes to pick up toys and warm coats for a local shelter.
  • Christmas Light Storage Reel - “Wishing you a season of ‘untangle-able’ joy!
  • Extension Cord - “Extending cordial greetings to let you know how important our connection is to me.”
  • Gingerbread House Kit - “Building your dreams of finding your home sweet home!”
  • Address Labels - “Addressing all your real estate needs!”
  • Sparkling Cider - Hoping your holidays “sparkle”! Call me for a “refreshing” perspective of the real estate market!
  • Nutcracker - Avoid going “Nuts” in today’s real estate market! I will get “cracking” to find you the best deals!
  • Hand Warmers and Hot Chocolate- Have a warm & sweet holiday season!
  • Gift Tag Stickers“Stick” with Peggy for all your real estate needs!
  • New Year’s Eve Party Kit (blow horn, confetti, Tylenol)This New Year’s Eve laugh and make merry, but the Tylenol is here if the headache should tarry!

I hope you all have a great end to the year.  God bless you all! And remember, I am never to busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.













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