5 Easy Pop-by Gifts for the New Year with Free Tags!


Those of you doing the Buffini Blitz will love this post! I have listed out 5 of my favorite popby ideas. They are a simple and effective way to reach out to your clients that won’t break the bank!

1. Bird Seed Bell Feeder

Where to get it: Fleet Farm or

Popby Tag: Bird Feeder Tag

2. Valentine’s Day Mailbox

Where to get it: Dollar Tree or Target’s Dollar Spot

Popby Tag: Valentine’s Day Popby

3. Zip It Tool

Popby Tag: Zip It Tool Popby Tag

4. Emergency Wrench

Where to get it: Home Depot or

Popby Tag: Emergency Wrench Popby Tag

5. Hand Soap Popby

Popby Tag: Helping Hand Popby Tag


I hope you have found these helpful and usable to get those referrals going in the new year!

And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.