A Pop-by For Clients In Escrow

We often overlook continuing to pop-by clients we are currently in escrow with.  During the escrow period, your clients main topic of conversation with their friends and family is real estate.  Don’t overlook these walking and talking billboards for your business.

I came up with a fun pop-by to give your clients after they have removed all their contingencies.  That is usually the time they start focusing on packing boxes.  So along the theme of boxes and packing… I came up with popping by with a box of wine or a box of chocolates.  Check this cute tagline out “Packing Boxes Is No Fun, So Pass The Time By Emptying One.”  Your clients will surely get a kick out of this fun pop-by!

I recently delivered a box of wine to a client.  She put a picture of it on facebook and tagged me saying, “Best realtor/friend ever.” Friends… that is some awesome advertising for the cost of a $15 box of wine! 

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