August Pop-By Ideas

Here are some of my favorite August pop-by gift ideas to heat up your business!!! And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.

Beach Pop-By Ideas


Aloe Vera – Remember, I’ll “Aloe-ways” be here to help you with your real estate needs!

Sand Bucket & Shovel – Others “pail” in comparison to the level of service I provide. Remember, I really “dig” your referrals!

Beach BallI’m always “on the ball” to help you and your referrals with their real estate needs!

ChapstickDon’t let your friends and family get “chapped” on their next real estate transaction. Make sure they get the “protection” they deserve and don’t let my name be too far from your lips!

Sunblock Don’t let friends and family get “burned” in this market. Refer them to me and I will make sure they get the “protection” they need.

Water BottleI “drink up” your referrals!

Camping Pop-By Ideas


Jiffy Popcorn –Just “popping” in to say hi!

S’more SetI am always ready for “s’more” of your referrals!

First Aid KitLet me be your first “aid” for all your real estate needs!

FlashlightFor service in a “flash,” call Peggy Urieff!

Fishing Supply (lure, bait, hook, etc.) – Don’t take the bait and let those other guys lure you! Peggy will always hook the right real estate deal for you!

Compass –I can help you head in the right direction and lead you to your next home!

Cracker JacksWant to take a “crack” at real estate? Let Peggy help you find your “prize” and you won’t get “jacked” on your real estate transaction!

Energy BarDon’t have the “energy” to think about real estate? Call me and I will make things simple!


Summer Treats


Lemonade Mix –When real estate deals you a lemon, call Peggy and she will turn it into lemonade!

Ice Cream Scoop or Box of Ice Cream ConesCall me for the “scoop” on the current real estate market!

Sidewalk Chalk – “Chalk it up to great experience with me!”

Bubble Wands – “For a magical experience call Peggy!”

Strawberries – “Your referrals are “berry” important to me!”

And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.