February Pop-by Ideas

I love all things Valentine.   I find myself gazing in the Valentine aisle at Target.  I’ve put together this list of ideas below for February, but really you can grab anything fun from the Valentine aisle.  Just add the tagline, “You and your referrals are the sweetest part of my business!”.

Super Bowl

Penalty Flag“You know who to “Call” for all your real estate needs!  Happy Super Bowl Sunday!”

Bad Call Brick“No “BAD CALLS” when you refer me to your friends and family. Enjoy the Ball Call Brick on Super Bowl Sunday!”

Chili Kit – “I’m bowled over by your referrals! Have a “Souper” Bowl Sunday! 

Jiffy Pop Popcorn“Have a super ‘bowl’ Sunday!” or “Just ‘popping’ by to tell you I’m ‘nuts’ over your referrals. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!” 

Pretzels“Don’t get twisted up in the current market… I’ve got the skills to get you on the straight and narrow. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!”

Valentine’s Day
Bird Seed Feeder Bell“Don’t let your next real estate deal ruffle your feathers!” or “Have you outgrown your love nest? Maybe it’s time to fly the coop and find the home of your dreams.

Fleet Farms

Honey Bear “Wishing you a beary sweet Valentine’s Day… from your honey of a realtor.”

Valentine Candy“You and your referrals are the heart of my business!” or “You and your referrals are the sweetest part of my business!”

Conversation Hearts“Let’s have a good ol’ fashion Heart to Heart… and discuss your future real estate needs and goals.”

Pancake Mix with Syrup and/or Heart Shaped Pancake Ring“Any way you stack it…your referrals are the sweetest part of my business!”

Red wax lips or a bag of Hersey Kisses“A huge kiss for your past business and referrals!” – You can order wax lips from www.oldtimecandy.com.

Oscar Awards

Popcorn or Movie Size Candy Boxes“I always roll-out the red carpet for you and your referrals.”

Windshield Wiper Liquid – “Call me to provide some clarity and vision in this Real Estate market!”

Unisex Stretch Gloves – “I’ve got a ‘hand’le on all your real estate needs.”

Coffee“The best part of waking up… is a referral in my cup.”

Tax Organizer -“I won’t let your next real estate transaction become taxing on you!”

Kleenex Pocket Tissue– “Nobody ‘Noes” the real estate market like I do.”

Rain X– “Rain or shine, I’m there for all your real estate needs!”

Lock De-icer – “Don’t get locked out of the real estate market. Let me help you find your new home!”

Chapstick– “Don’t let your friends and family get “chapped” on their next real estate transaction. Make sure they get the “protection” they deserve and don’t let my name be too far from your lips!”

Tool Set“I have all the tools you need for today’s real estate market!”

Business Mileage Log“I will go miles for you and your referred business!”

Hand Sanitizer – “For a “healthy” real estate transaction, call Peggy!”

Gloves – “I’ve got a “hand”le on all your real estate needs!”

Power Bar- “Don’t have the energy to think about the real estate market? I’m here to give you that boost!”


And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals. www.peggyurieff.com