June and July Pop-by Ideas!

Hi friends,

I live outside of Sacramento in California. Our county is now in the 2nd phase of opening back up after the shelter in place. I dropped off 140 potted plants for Mother’s Day! So many of my clients posted the plant and my business card on social media. I just left on porch and did not knock. Now is the time to get popping by friends. Our clients need a little joy! Today, I bought 80 jars of gourmet BBQ sauce for Father’s Day! I hope you are all safe and ready to pop-by! As always, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals. www.peggyurieff.com!!


Top Summer Pop-by Ideas

BBQ Sauce –When it comes to my favorite folks, you hit the ‘BullsEye’.” Or “Summer is near and the BBQ season is here! Enjoy the sun, have the fun and remember your referrals are #1!”

BBQ Spices or Marinade Injector – “I’m your seasoned professional for all your real estate needs!”

Ketchup, Mustard, & Relish Set –Just stopping by to “ketchup” with you and say hello from your Realtor who really cuts the “mustard.” I “relish” your referrals and will take great care of anyone you refer!”

Scrub Daddy Sponge – Always here to help your referrals have a clean real estate transaction!”

Reusable Shopping Bag with Local Farmer’s Market Schedule –Your real estate needs are in the bag with me!”

Expandable Roasting Stick for S’mores – “I’m never too busy for “Smore” or your referrals!”

Thermal Bags – “Whether the market is hot or cold, tell your friends they can count on Peggy to get them bought or sold!”

Food Tent or Fly Swatter – “Where did the time ‘fly’ since we last said ‘Hi!’”

Citronella Candle – “Don’t be repelled by real estate! Bug Peggy to find you the best deals!”

Grilling Tool or Heat Resistant Spatula – Your referrals keep me ‘cookin”!”

Ice Cream Scoop – “Call me for the ‘scoop’ on the current real estate market!”

Luggage Tag – Don’t get lost in the real estate market. I will help you find your way home!”

Travel Toiletries Kit – Fill Ziploc bag with 3oz travel bottles. “Travel smart, travel light, breeze through security, without the 3oz fight. From toothpaste and sunscreen, to lotion and shampoo, call me with your referrals. I’ll take good care of them too!”


Father’s Day (June 21, 2020)

W-D 40 “A little something to make life easier… like working with me!”

Car Wash Coupon or Car Wash Mitt – “Don’t get caught up in another wishy-washy Real Estate Deal. Call me for your next transaction and I will take care of every little detail!”

Fuel Injector Cleaner – “Happy Father’s Day! Your referrals keep my engine running!

Heavy Duty Wall Hanger – “When you need anything Real Estate related, call me! I won’t leave you ‘hanging!’” – Found on ebay- Search heavy duty wall hanger. Cost $.50 each. No tools needed. Holds pictures up to 160 pounds.

Multi-head Screwdriver – Never get screwed by the wrong Realtor again! I have the right tools to help you with your real estate success.”

BBQ Spatula – I really “flip” for your referrals!

Grilling Fork – When you have friends and family who need excellent service, “fork” over those referrals. I will make sure the sale or purchase is “done to perfection.”

Baseball Items (bag of peanuts, Big Chew gum, baseball, etc.) – I will go to bat for you when I handle your next real estate transaction!

Fishing Supply (lure, bait, hook, etc.) – Always “fishing” for your referrals!

Duct Tape – “Stick with me for your next Real Estate deal. I am an all-purpose Realtor!”

Extension Cord – Extending “cord-ial” greetings to let you know how important your “connection” is to me.

Lint Roller – Don’t get “rolled over”! “Stick” it to Peggy and she can handle all your real estate needs!

Lottery Ticket – I am the “winning ticket” when it comes to your real estate transactions!

NASCAR Items or Race Car – The race is on…and I know how to negotiate the curves thrown my way in a transaction!

Stadium Cushion – I’ve got your “assets” covered.


Independence Day (July 4, 2020)

Firework Glasses with List of Firework Shows –“Your referrals put a ‘sparkle’ to my business!”

Package of Sparklers or Glow Bracelets – “You and your referrals make my business sparkle!”

Patriotic Party Poppers- “It’s been a “blast” helping you with all of your Real Estate needs.”

Patriotic Fans – “Helping to keep you cool during any Real Estate transaction”

American Flag or Flag Item – “Wishing you a safe and happy Independence Day! I am truly honored you’ve chosen me for your real estate needs!” or “Keeping the American Dream alive… one Homeowner at a time.”

Firework Schedule – “Celebrating your referrals and an amazing 4th of July!”

And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals. www.peggyurieff.com