Plan Out Your Pop-by Gifts for The Year

You are invited to join in my “Plan Out Your Pop-by Gifts for The Year” Class this Monday July 3rd at 11AM PST.  You are welcome to join the zoom call early at 10AM for the Fast Forward Movement Weekly Mastermind.  My class starts right after at 11AM PST and ends at NOON. 

Just click the link: or meeting ID is 627 250 8795.

The Password is: Tesla

PLEASE PRINT the annual pop-by calendar for the class by google link or direct download below: 


Peggy Urieff, curator of and EXP ICON agent serving the greater Sacramento area will help you plan out your pop-by gifts for the next 12 Months. You’ll walk away with your Pop-by Marketing Plan done! Peggy will also answer your questions and share my best tips and tricks to make your pop-by gifts impactful affordable, and easy to manage! She’ll share who to give them to, how to deliver them quickly while saving gas, and how to make free tags.