Top 8 Fall Pop-by Gift Ideas and Free Caramel Apple Tag!!!

Remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.
Here are some of my favorite pop-by gift ideas for October!!! 
  • Caramel Apple Kit – “For a real estate transaction that is always ‘sweet’ and never ‘sticky’!”  I created a Free Caramel Apple Tag for you… just Click For Caramel Apple Tag.
  • Pumpkin Carving Kit or Pumpkin– “I am always ready to “carve” out time to serve you and your referrals!”
  • Apple Cider Packets or Mulled Cider Spice Kit– “When you de-“cider” on a real estate agent, be sure to choose the best!”
  • Apple Crisp Mix– “Your referrals are the core of my business!”
  • Glow Sticks “When you are feeling in the dark about real estate, let me light the way to a glowing experience.”
  • Pumpkin Bread or Pumpkin Bread Mix– “Anyway you slice it…I love my clients and their referrals!”
  • Fall Candle & Lighter – “Your referrals really ‘light’ my business on fire.”
  • Leaf Bag– “Don’t ‘leaf’ your friends and family scattered when it comes to real estate! Refer them to me and a smooth deal is in the bag!”
  • Fall Oven Mitt– “I have to ad’mitt’… you’re one awesome client!”
  • Mums– “Mum is NOT the word when it comes to how much I appreciate you and your referrals!”
  • Duraflame Log“Start with me to find all the blazing hot real estate deals!”

I love to give pop-by gifts that I would love to receive myself.  So I came up with a caramel apple making kit. Here is what you need:   a quart-size mason jar, 2 cups of caramels (I bought mine bulk from a bin at Winco), 6 popsicle sticks,  bottle of sprinkles, ribbon, and some fabric. The total cost was $2.90 each… you could skip the sprinkles and get it down to $1.70 each, but everything is better with sprinkles. You could skip the mason jar and keep the sprinkles, then they would be $2.20 each.

Here it is… simply adorable.  I have a big soft spot for mason jars… and I guess caramels as well.  :)

Caramel Apple Kits

  I created a Free Caramel Apple Tag for you… just Click For Caramel Apple Tag. IMG_6536


The tagline: CARAMEL APPLE KIT! For a real estate transaction that is always “sweet” and never “sticky”! I am never too busy for you and your referrals! Here are the directions to put on the back of the tag or slip the directions into the jar. Makes 6 Caramel Apples: Insert sticks in apples and place on buttered cooking sheet. Place caramels in a microwave safe bowl, add 3 tablespoons milk, microwave for 2 minutes, stirring once. Roll apples in caramel quickly, decorate, and ENJOY!

Another alternative is just to buy caramel apple wraps ($2 each).

IMG_6535Top 8 Fall Popbys

And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.