My February Pop-by!!!

Below is a post about the February pop-by I did last year.  I went into Target this weekend and found the little $1 mailboxes in the dollar spot again!!! So I filled up my cart.  Run… do not walk… to Target and stock-up.  This pop-by is a winner.

How was the  start to your New Year? My february pop-by is too cute and easy not to share.  I am delivering 50 pop-bys in the next 2 weeks before Valentine’s week.  So here they are… cute little metal mailboxes with Valentine’s candy inside.  I bought the little mailboxes at the dollar spot in Target for you guessed it… $1 each.  I went to Winco and bought tons of bulk Valentine’s candy.  The total cost was $2 each. 

I used a sharpie to personalize the mailbox with the client’s name.  You can do this as you walk up to the door.  Never underestimate the impact of personalizing a pop-by… people love to see their name!

The tagline: Know someone looking to change their “address”? Don’t “letter” them move without calling me first.  For a “first-class” experience call… Peggy Urieff Realtor 916-622-3787

Here’s some pictures of the candy!!! It has been very hard to keep these from our girls!!!

Other quick options would be big red chocolate lips ($2 each) with a Tagline: “Thank you for ‘talking’ up my business!”

Or a cute little honey bear ($3 each) with the Tagline: “Wishing you a ‘beary’ sweet Valentine’s Day… from your honey of a realtor.” 

Well, I have the car loaded and I am off to do my pop-bys.  For more pop-by ideas… see my earlier post for February ideas here

And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.

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