My October Pop-by!!!

Here is the post I did a few years back of my caramel apple kits.  If you went to a Turning Point this year… you will have seen Brian Buffini showing it on the screen.  This was by far the most popular pop-by gift I have ever done.  It was so popular that I am doing it again this year.  I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted September 2011—

Well peeps… I just finished assembling my pop-bys for October… and it is a cute one.  I love to give pop-by gifts that I would love to receive myself.  So I came up with a caramel apple making kit. Here is what you need:   a quart-size mason jar, 2 cups of caramels (I bought mine bulk from a bin at Winco), 6 popsicle sticks,  bottle of sprinkles, ribbon, and some fabric. The total cost was $2.90 each… you could skip the sprinkles and get it down to $1.70 each, but everything is better with sprinkles. You could skip the mason jar and keep the sprinkles, then they would be $2.20 each.

Here it is… simply adorable.  I have a big soft spot for mason jars… and I guess caramels as well.  🙂

The tagline: CARAMEL APPLE KIT! For a real estate transaction that is always “sweet” and never “sticky”! I am never too busy for you and your referrals!

Here are the directions to put on the back of the tag or slip the directions into the jar.

Makes 6 Caramel Apples: Insert sticks in apples and place on buttered cooking sheet. Place caramels in a microwave safe bowl, add 3 tablespoons milk, microwave for 2 minutes, stirring once. Roll apples in caramel quickly, decorate, and ENJOY!

Another alternative is just to buy tubs of caramel apple dipping sauce ($4 each) or bags of caramels ($2). 


I  promised my Buffini and Company coach of 5 years (the Ah-mazing Grace) that I would post this idea before wednesday.  A funny thing happens when you make a promise and it involves the WORLD WIDE WEB!!! Uh well… it would be pretty easy for her to find out if I did it or not.  So I am up late taking pictures with a flash in my kitchen and writing to you all.  How’s that for accountability.  Anyhow… I love ya Grace… thanks for keeping me accountable for all these years. She’s kept my business on course despite the ups and downs of the real estate market.  I couldn’t have done it without Coach Grace and Buffini and Company.  If you are thinking about getting a business coach, give Grace a call (800) 945-3485 X2121.    I am sure she would be happy to chat with you.

So I have 24 caramel apple kits to start popping by with tomorrow.  I already have the espresso machine ready for the morning.  Sorry for the 2nd apple related pop-by in a row.  I have apples on the brain… especially after we went apple picking  in Apple Hill (Camino, CA) earlier this month.

And remember, I am never to busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.

Lily (6yrs), Tilly (2yrs), uh that would be me (“none of your business” years), and Milly (1yr and just started walking last week).

 And this is my adorable husband who puts up with me.  Behind every great realtor is a very understanding and supportive spouse (I think that is how the saying goes) :).