My September Pop-by?

As I attend Buffini events, the most common questions I get from people is what pop-by am I doing now or what is your favorite pop-by?  Last year in September I gave out little baskets of apples… you can read that post here  My clients love them… but the logistics of delivering apples in the Sacramento Valley heat was tricky.

So this year, I found these boxes of apple crisp topping (some call it apple crumble) at our local grocery store Winco for $1.60.  You just mix with butter and sprinkle on top of sliced apples… my family’s favorite go-to dessert. 

I get tons of emails every year asking… how do you do the labels?  Just get a sheet of address labels and type a little saying.  You can also just slap a business card on it with an “Oh by the way” sticker.  I wouldn’t spend a lot of time on this.   Here is a picture of the one I did.  I just made a text box in word inserted a picture, typed the message, and printed on regular paper. 

TAGLINE: “No matter how you ‘slice’ it,
you and your referrals are the ‘core’ of my business.”

TAGLINE: “Interest rates in the low 4s… how do ya like them apples? Know any renters who want to take their piece of the real estate pie?”

ANOTHER LITTLE TIP FOR YOU: Have a box that you just use for pop-bys.  I know it sounds simple, but having a consistent container and place for your pop-bys will help you win the day.   Our oldest daughter Lily started kindergarten a few weeks ago (see picture below).  Her first homework assignment was to figure out where she was going to put her homework at home.  Where is your pop-by homework?

We’ll folks, thank you again for your Sacramento area real estate referrals.   I have my iced coffee in hand and am about to load the pop-bys in my car to see my peeps.  My Michael Jackson remix tape will make the pop-by trip more enjoyable.  I have a lot of pop-bys to do and so do you. Now…Let’s beat it!

It’s a good life!


Daughters- Tilly (2yrs), Milly (1 yr), and Lily (6yrs).  Lily rides english and just won 1st place at the Sac Horseman’s competition.  This picture of her makes me want to work harder… sell more homes… do more pop-bys.  🙂